Axis & Allies: Pacific 1940 2nd Ed

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Axis & Allies Pacific 1940, The world is at War ! Board Game by Avalon Hill. Over 450 playing pieces ! For 2-4 players, recommended for ages 12 and up. A World War II strategy game. Its the Empire of Japan against the Allied powers of the United States, Soviet Union, and United Kingdom. You control the Japanese forces or one of the Allied powers. You command your country's military forces and its war time economy. Japan will try to dominate half of the world as it builds its forces and maneuvers its fleet in the Pacific region. As one of the Allied powers you must cooperate with the other Allied powers to make a common defense to thwart Japan's dominance. Rewrite how the battle progresses and leave your mark on history. This game is compatible with Axis & Allies Europe 1940. Combine the two games to create the ultimate experience of full scale global conflict !

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