Blitzkrieg Square Edition

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The perfect wargame for non-wargamers! Two players battle across the war’s most iconic theatres, winning key campaigns and building their military might.

Blitzkrieg! is a challenging game with simple rules, a short playing time, and many tough decisions! Close campaigns, win war victory points, gain further resources and special weapons, and exploit strategic advantages as you play.

The Nippon Expansion adds a new challenge to Blitzkrieg! What if the Axis coalition had won World War Two, and Germany invaded and occupied the United States of America? And … what if Japan then turned on its former ally and invaded German-held America? With the help of Godzilla?

Blitzkrieg! was nominated for Best 2-Player Board Game at the 2019 Golden Geek Awards. It received the Dice Tower’s Seal of Excellence and was
named the best 2-player game of the year by Tom Vasel! It’s rated at 7.8 on

1-2 players
Ages 14+
20 minute play time

1 Double sided game board
22 Axis unit tokens
22 Allied unit tokens
22 Japanese unit tokens
18 Special weapons tokens
8 Strategem tokens
5 Battle markers
2 War victory markers
1 Dice
2 Cloth bags
2 Player screens
2 Rulebooks

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