Bridge to Treasure Cave

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Deep in a long-forgotten part of the jungle there's a surprise discovery--a cave brimming with ancient treasures that have been untouched for centuries. But there's a deep ravine that blocks the way, with a rickety wooden bridge spanning the crevasse. You and your fellow treasure-seekers move quickly across the bridge, taking care to avoid the rotting planks. But the real challenge is getting back with a pack laden down with treasure, when one false step can send your loot cascading into the river thousands of feet below. You'll get to decide how much treasure to carry--grab one piece and move quickly; grab three and move slowly. And beware of your fellow treasure-seekers, since they'll try to catch up and steal what you've grabbed from the cave. Your strategy can change on every turn, as you try to be the one to bring the most treasure back across the bridge.

2-4 players
Ages 8+
20 minute play time

25 Treasures
4 Treasure-seeker Playing Pieces
4 Dice
4 Player Cards
4 Camp Cards
Treasure Cave Card
9 Bridge Planks
Illustrated Instructions

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