But Wait, There's More! Card Game

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Are you tired of seeing the same old pointless products being pitched by loud-mouthed guys on television? Do you yearn to hawk your own groovy gadgets? Well now you can! 

In But Wait, There’s More!, not 1, not 2, but up to 10 friends will pitch crazy contraptions in a hilarious fun-for-all contest to see who has what it takes to be the best TV pitchman!

Here’s How To Win! 

Each player has 30 seconds to perform a commercial for a product with unique features; one feature is chosen by the player, and the other is drawn randomly! You could be pitching a microwave with a splatter-free design and powerful vacuum action, or maybe a bicycle with attached safety leash that makes delicious yogurt in seconds! There's virtually no end to the crazy products you'll be pitching! 

At the end of each round, players secretly vote on their favorite pitch. After three rounds, if you have the highest score, you win! It’s so simple, even your best friend's neighbor's aunt's cousin thrice-removed can do it!

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