Caring Cats

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Gloom and doom have covered the hippy happy Town of Charms, with the Mean Mouse on the loose! And now the Ministry of Pawsitivity has called upon the 5 most awesome, carin’ and sharin’ cats that ever purred and meowed. Join them in working your charm to turn ordinary daily moments into extraordinary rainbow-coloured moments!

Race around the town on the roll of a dice, charming all with your kind deeds. Collect charms by helping, giving goodies, making something kind, being thoughtful or cheering up someone with your words. Race to be a KIND winner by collecting 5 charms first.

Respond to scenarios around town: Recognizing and understanding the feelings & needs of others. Get creative with your kindness as you step out of your comfort zone to play out various CARE styles.

2 Games in a box. Compete against each other or cooperatively beat the Mean Mouse by doing 5 kind deeds before the Mean Mouse destroys the School of Pawsitivity.

2+ players
Ages 6+
20-25 minute play time

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