Chroma Cards

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Chroma Cards are a uniquely designed set of cards used to play many different games. They have been designed so that colorblind individuals can use these colorful cards without any problems in identifying the cards!

Rules for six different games are included and you can use your imagination to invent your own games! 

Dice Factor:
Be the first to collect 5 cards of the same color or shape, but don't get too caught up in what you're collecting, because your hand or what you are trying to match can change at the toss of a die!

Flower: Power:
In this simple game, players compete to create flowers of 5 petals. Flowers are grown in a community flower garden. The player that completes a flower takes the flower and scores points.

Match Patch:
Test your memory as you try to collect pairs of cards. As the game continues, so does the difficulty level. Collect the most pairs to win the game.

Penny Badger:
Add a stack o pennies to your cards and you are ready to play Penny Badger. Learn how well you know your friends in this bluffing game as players compete to drain the bank of all it’s funds. Do not falsely accuse another player or get caught in a lie, or you will have to pay the penalty.

Pig Farm:
Players compete to create the largest Pig Farm by collecting sets of cards. Be the first to sell your farm and win big. Wait as long as you can to score big… but wait too long and someone else may their farm first, causing you to get stuck with your pigs and lose points!

Rainbow Rush:
In this game wild cards play a huge role as players try to be the first to create a rainbow of shapes. Not getting the cards you need to help you win? That’s alright, just play a wild card on someone to stop them from winning!

104 Cards
4 Custom Dice
Rule Book

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