Coatl The Card Game

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A temple in honor of the gods has just been erected in the heart of the Aztec city. The walls inside this place of worship are to be decorated with paintings of feathered snakes to pay tribute to the gods. An election will be held to determine who is the empire’s most celebrated Cóalt painter so that they may have the honor of decorating the temple walls.

During the game, players must complete objectives by creating a Cóatl painting in order to accumulate more prestige points than their opponents. Each player creates their own unique Cóatl by laying down Body, Head and Tail cards.

1-4 players
Ages 10+
25 minute play time

50 Feather cards
40 Head & Tail cards
40 Prophecy cards
6 Temple cards
4 Level cards
8 Golden Segments
1 Rulebook

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