Cult: Choose your God Wisely

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Gather your Priests and chart your path towards victory. Will you Summon your God, build five Altars to your God's greatness, or rouse four Fanatical Mobs to dominate the Eternal City? 

Your first Summoning awakens your God. Your Cult grows stronger as your God nears, but finishing the ritual will prove no easy task. Your opponents will be there to delay you at every turn! 

The Eternal City holds many secrets and powerful magiks for you to discover. Send your most trusted Priests to do your bidding, bribe officials, and compete for influence with your fellow players. Each God has unique strengths and weaknesses that will affect your strategy. So, choose your God wisely!

2-5 players
Ages 12+
90 minute play time

8 Cult sheets
Game board
75 Priest tokens
5 Patriarch figures
33 Miracle cards
33 Intrigue cards
33 License cards
Supremacy card
16 Fanatical Mobs
100 coins
5 Reference Cards
First Player Reference Token

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