Deck of Wonders

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Can you out-play Fate?

Deck of Wonders is a solo (and co-op) tactical card game where Fate herself has stacked the deck against you. It captures the feel of classic TCGs, but in a solitaire format that evolves as you play! In Deck of Wonders you'll summon minions, cast spells, and battle Villains as you try to stay one step ahead of Fate.

Every Villain you battle has unique rules, cards, and unlockables. You and the Villain draw from the same deck, and every card behaves differently when drawn by you vs when drawn by the Villain. Deep strategic gameplay and evolving campaign story, but the deck can fit in your pocket and the footprint is small enough to play on an airplane seat-back tray!

1-2 players
Ages 13+
15 minute play time

Over 200 game cards:
84 Card Deck of Wonders Base Collection
3 Villain Cards, each including unique powers, stories and unlockables
9 unlockable Legacy Packs with new cards, new powers, and new stories
Sticker Sheet

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