Dice Settlers

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Welcome to the New World, a land of opportunities and the home of the bold! With but a piece of land to call your own, your beginning might be humble, but a great path lies ahead of you. Your destiny awaits!

Dice Settlers is a civilization game of dice-based exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination:
Build and manage your pool of actions with a set of 52 custom dice.
Explore the New World, and create the board as you play.
Expand and extend your influence to lands discovered by your opponents.
Choose from among 55 technologies to aid you during the game, or help you score more points at its end.
Face off against your friends, or against a challenging automated opponent.

You may start small, but it is up to you, to make the New World your home - and to forge a nation!

1-4 players
Ages 14+
60-90 minute play time

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