Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmwood

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Available 10/22

Escape Tales: Children of Wyrmwoods features the dark and twisting story of a young man whose fate is beset by both the most mysterious of powers and by the tyranny of evil men. Prepare for a gripping story filled with plot twists and numerous surprises, astonishing exploration, and riveting puzzles. Faced with deeply personal choices which will influence the tale, take a step into a grim fantasy world where little is what it seems at first.

Why Escape Tales Games are different than other "Escape Room" Games:
☆ A non-linear and complex narrative making your path unique
☆ Multiple different endings and varied character progression making them fully re-playable (This edition has 60+ different endings!)
☆ Engaging story that twists emotions, questions a player's moral compass, and keep players engaged until the very end.
☆ Every choice has a different impact on the story: puzzles you solve, paths you take, decisions you make, all of these will shape your story differently and will have an impact on the ending.

What this new game brings to the Escape Tales line:
☆ More cards with even more riddles
☆ A character progression system based on your choices
☆ An original dark fantasy setting, previously unexplored in the series
☆ New category of cards: useful items that will help you on your journey into darkness!

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