Hordes: Reeves of Orboros (E)

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Drawn from settlements on the fringes of the wilderness, the Wolves of Orboros willingly offer their strength of arms to the Circle. Every Wolf is an accomplished fighter as well as a master woodsman, trained to wield a heavy cleft-bladed spear with fluid mastery. Those with the aptitude to become reeves prefer the double crossbow, with which they can find deadly angles of attack in even the densest brush.

This box set contains two color stat cards and all the components to assemble one of two ten-model units: Reeves of Orboros or Wolves of Orboros. A player may field up to two Reeves of Orboros units and up to three Wolves of Orboros units for each warlock in a Circle army.

1 Leader
9 Grunts
2 color stat cards

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