Infinity: Operation Coldfront

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This box contains all the miniatures, rules, and terrain you need to play Infinity Operation: Coldfront, and introduce you to Infinity 3rd edition.

Ariadna Starter Pack:
• 3x Line Kazaks (Rifle)
• 1x TankHunter (AP Rifle)
• 1x Veteran Kazak (AP Rifle)
• 1x Scout (Boarding Shotgun)
• 1x Armata-2 Proyekt "Ratnik" (Heavy Shotgun, HRL, Trench Hammer)

ALEPH Starter Pack:
• 3x Dakini Tacbots (Combi Rifle)
• 1x Shukra Consultant (Boarding Shotgun)
• 1x Yadu Trooper (MULTI Rifle)
• 1x Deva Functionary (Combi Rifle)
• 1x Naga (MULTI Sniper Rifle)

Limited Edition Figure exclusive for pre-orders:
• 1x Wardriver, Mercenary Hacker

• 1x DAWN-02 APLEKTON Scenery Pack
• 1x Markers & Templates cardboard sheet
• 1x Full-color 92 page "Operation:Coldfront" booklet
• 3x Ariadna themed dice
• 3x ALEPH themed dice

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