Island of El Dorado

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The year is 1589 and the world is thirsty for gold. Legend has it that somewhere on the vast ocean lies the island of El Dorado, where gold flows over the hills. Brave explorers set sail in search of the mythical island and their ships find themselves on its shores. They soon discover that this place holds much more than gold; it hides four mysterious shrines of untold power. 

In The Island of El Dorado, each player is the leader of a civilization seeking to explore the island and control its shrines. Discover resources, bodies of water, and the shrines themselves in a landscape which is different every single time you play. Build farmhouses and gather resources and grow your economy. Occupy strategic locations on the map using forts and armies to defend against the other explorers. Civilizations will rise and fall as each player fights to control the four shrines of El Dorado.

2-4 players
Ages 14+

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