Killer Bunnies: Green Booster Deck

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We don't want to split "hares", but we have no choice with our new Half Color Bunnies (which can act as two colors instead of one)!Featuring the weird world of the Zodiac, the KB Quest Green Booster Deck adds a new level to the end-game, increasing the strategy and the need for player alliances.Cards are now influenced by who is playing them, based on their personal Zodiac sign, what time of year cards are being played and other unique mechanics that have never been used before!

With a ton more spoofs, like Fingercuffs (to promote teamwork), Leif Carrotson (to send your bunnies on a journey around The Bunny Circle), Zodiac Terminator (he'll be back!), and Day Of The Dead, the KB Quest Green Booster Deck delivers "scorpious" strategy on an astrological scale!

For 2 to 8 Players, Ages 13 to Adult

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