Mini BrilliAnts

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The long, hot summer is coming to an end, and the ant colonies in the quiet forest glade are increasing their efforts to prepare for the coming winter. Queens are hatching ants to grow their colony’s population, Farmers and hunters are scouring the area to stockpile food, and diggers are excavating tunnels to extend their colony’s territory. Will you be able to fulfill your colony’s harvesting objectives? Will you be able to beat enemy ants to the glade’s dwindling resources? Will you be able to avoid the dreaded predators? Will you lead your colony to victory? Will you be the most BrilliAnt?

On their turns, player either play an ant, play a predator, or hatch a new ant in order to be to most effective. Players battle over the same objectives, so be sure to look out on what your opponents are doing. The game ends when a player has completed their sixth objective or when there are no more resources to collect.

Mini BrilliAnts is an ant-based card game playable in 15 minutes, a resource-collection game for 2 to 4 players in which the goal is to complete objectives to score the most victory points. The player whose objectives are worth the most points will win this small euro-style game!

2-4 players
Ages 8+
10-20 minute play time

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