Museum: World's Fair Expansion

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Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen, and feast your eyes on the wonders of the World’s Fair!

This expansion introduces 2 exciting new mechanics to the game, the Pavilion, and Loans.

The Pavilion is a common objective, that invites you to contribute artefacts to collections in the World’s Fair. On the Pavilion mini board, a Collection card is placed, which states which kinds of artefacts the World’s Fair is looking for. Any player can contribute a card, but they must be added to the Collection in the order stated! Each player has clips of their colour, which they attach to their objects to identify which cards they contributed. Each time a player adds a card they are rewarded with Prestige Points, and the player that contributes the most cards to the World’s Fair receives bonus points at the end of the game! The player that comes in second place also gets points.
But beware, if you allow one player to complete the Pavilion on their own, they walk away with first and second prize!

The World’s Fair expansion also introduces the Loans mechanic. This mechanic allows players to place artefacts into their opponents’ Museums! You simply add one of your player clips to any artefact card, then give it to a player of your choice. They cannot refuse your loan.

The player that the card originally belonged to scores the card’s value in Victory Points on the score tracker, the same way they would if they had played it into their own Museum. The player who receives the card simply adds it to their collections.

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