Raiders of the Serpent Sea Player Guide 5e

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The Raiders of the Serpent Sea Player's Guide softcover includes over 75 full-colour pages of fantastically illustrated world history, gods, lore, character options, and everything a new raider needs to begin their epic journey.

  • An introduction to Grimnir, a new campaign setting inspired by Norse myth that can be connected to any other campaign world, but one with a special link to Thylea (the lost continent from Odyssey of the Dragonlords).
  • Introduces the world, its origins, and major historical events. Learn about the cursed gods known as the Stone Court, the wealthy kingdoms that threaten the raiders, and the power of sacrifice.
  • New Races and Class Archetypes. Includes a variety of new playable races and class archetypes inspired by Norse legends and Viking history. Play as the half-giant tallfolk, deep forest wolfriders, wooden constructs, raid leaders, and prophetic bards.
  • Epic Backgrounds. Includes six epic backgrounds for heroes to select during character creation. These enhanced backgrounds develop interconnected motivations for the heroes, making them central to the story and world.
  • New Rules. Spells, weapons, food, and mead help bring the world and your characters to life!
  • Ships of the Sea. Introduces statistics for a variety of ships likely to be discovered on the Serpent Sea.

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