Shadows of Malice: Revised

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Shadows of Malice plays like an old school D&D overland adventure with a single overarching goal coupled with unlimited variability and infinite replayability. Players move their avatars through the Realm of Aethos, confront Fate, battle procedurally generated creatures, and gather treasure and soul shards to defeat the Guardians that defend the Wells of the Ancients. When they defeat a Guardian, they may unseal the Well it protected. If the players manage to find and unseal all the remaining Light Wells, they will prevent Xulthûl’sreturn and win the game. At the same time, the Shadows, living manifestations of Xulthûl’smalice, are thickening in the Shadow Realm. If one manages to escape the Shadow Realm and unseal a single Light Well, it will bring Xulthûlinto Aethos and the players will have to defeat the Lord of Shadow itself to save the world!

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