The Means of Magick RPG

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The Means of Magick is a tabletop RPG set in the aftermath of the Magick-Industrial Revolution. Megacorps are vying for control of the economy by extracting mass amounts of magick from the earth, which is slowly killing the planet. Players will have to face off against magickal natural disasters, corrupted flora and fauna, and the insidious corporations themselves.

Your characters will do what they can to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their homes from the destruction of the megacorps. They will live under the system while also fighting against it as best they can. Your characters are capable of doing amazing things. Maybe while you play, you can discover what you’re capable of, too.

In this book, you’ll find everything you need to play, including:
Flexible and customizable rules to create your character, including backgrounds, archetypes, and unique skills.
A setting that casts the players as underdogs in a fight against the megacorps, in a world at the brink of catastrophe.
Three sinister megacorps, an Academy with a monopoly on education, and sentient automaton FAI.
Powerful relics, bizarre creatures, and magickal drugs.
Rules for the Pace System—a system that pushes characters to their breaking points and gives narrative freedom to the players.
Quick, modular magick rules that allow you to cast the way you want to.
A robust and dynamic social system that supports roleplay using reputations and skills.
Detailed support for the Narrator to help them facilitate their campaign.
Operation: Delilah, a starting adventure straight from the Presto! quest board, where the players will face ecological and ethical challenges.

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