Untold: Adventure Awaits

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Inspired by your favourite TV shows, Untold: Adventures Await is a pickup-and-play, co-operative game where you play the heroes in your own adventure series. Every game of Untold is a complete, self-contained episode that plays out using five randomly chosen scene cards. As the episode unfolds, you’ll face surprising plot twists and confront dangerous encounters, all inspired by your choices. Untold is powered by the iconic Rory’s Story Cubes®, providing inspiration and driving the narrative during your adventure. Grab the game, roll your Story Cubes, and become the heroes that save the day!

Untold: Adventures await contains everything needed for four heroes to play. Any other Rory’s Story Cubes® releases can be mixed with the included base set to expand your stories even further!

1-4 players
Ages 10+
60 minute play time

Rules of Play
Story Board
Story Cubes Tray
Set of Rory’s Story
Episode Guide Pad
Character Profile Pad
30 Scene Cards
10 Question Tokens
14 Action Tokens
15 Outcome Cards
10 Reaction Cards
4 Dashboards
16 Edit Tokens
4 Play/Pause Cards

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