Usurp the King

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Your family subversively vies for control of the crown. The court that surrounds the King holds subjects who seek power. Each player represents a family that will vie for control over these court members with the goal of backing the King (or new King) when the dust settles.

Featuring seven victory conditions, the path to victory may shift as you gain more information about each subject’s motives and those of the other families. Your allegiances will twist and change based on your interests. The court members are but pawns. The tools at your disposal are daggers, poison, guards, treachery, betrayal, spies, agents, antidotes, bribery and conspiracy.

2-5 players or 4-8 with teams
Ages 13+
30-45 minute play time

5 Ten card Leverage decks. One for each family
2 Court Member cards
5 Family turn order reference cards
8 Tutorial Objective cards
10 Loyalty/Disgruntled markers
1 Turn marker

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