Warhammer 40K Hexfire Box Set

Sale price$199.99


Official Games Workshop set.  Models come unpainted/unassembled.

Contains 29 plastic Citadel miniatures, including:

- 1x Castellan Crowe
- 10x Grey Knights Purifiers (can alternatively be assembled as Strike Squads, Interceptors, and Purgation Squads)
- 1x Nemesis Dreadknight (can alternatively be assembled as a Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight)

- 1x Infernal Master
- 5x Scarab Occult Terminators
- 10x Tzaangors (with 2x Tzaangor Upgrade Sprues to equip your Tzaangors with autopistols and chainswords)
- 1x Tzaangor Shaman

Also includes:

- 40-page Hexfire campaign book

- Chaos Space Marines transfer sheet

- Various Bases for included miniatures

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