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  • Spot It! Classic

    Spot it! is back in this new eco-conceived packaging, without plastic. The aim of the game remains the same. Everyone plays at the same time try to be the fastest...
  • D&D RPG: A Young Adventurer`s Guide - Monsters and Creatures

    This introductory guide to DUNGEONS & DRAGONS provides a fun and immersive primer to its beasts and monsters.In this illustrated guide, you're transported to the legendary and magical worlds of...
  • D&D RPG: A Young Adventurer's Guide - Warriors and Weapons

    This introductory guide to DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is an illustrated primer to many of the characters you can play in D&D, along with their essential weapons and adventuring tools.In this...
  • Valley of the Vikings

    Kinderspiel des Jahres 2019 Winner In the Valley of the Vikings, the annual barrel bowling contest is taking place. Now courage, skill and risk-taking are required so that the players use...
  • No Thank You Evil: Its Raining Cats & Dinosaurs

    Flower Power, Oh No! Snow!, Doom and Gloom Steal the Moon!, and the epynomous It’s Raining Cats and Dinosaurs:Four complete new adventures for No Thank You, Evil! that take you on...
  • Zoo Run

    With Zoo Run, you can choose cooperating or competing or both!Free the animals from the zoo before the zookeeper arrives and celebrate their releases with an exciting race to the...
  • Pigasus

    Pigasus is a fast children's game with unique and funny artwork. Success favors those who are open-minded and fast-handed. 2-8 playersAges 7+20 minute play timeContents:Rubber Pig72 CardsGame Rules
  • Narwhal Free for All

    A game of ring flinging fun! Score points by flipping your colored rings onto the tusks of the narwhals floating in the ice arena.
  • Air Bears

    The bears are going on vacation! Players will help all three of their bears reach their final island destination. The first player to get all their bears safely to their...
  • Floaty Fight

    It‘s time for some summer fun at the pool. Players compete to splash all their opponents‘ floaties before the same happens to them.2 playersAges 5+10 minute play time
  • Unicorn Glitterluck Cloud Stacking

    The five unicorns are often visited by friends in their cloud castle. And because they don’t have enough space there anymore, they have to build onto the castle. The players...
  • Rubiks Speed Cube Pro Pack

    Customize your cube! Adjust the spring tension, lubricate the moving parts and unleash your inner Speed Cuber! 1 playerAges 8+Contents:1 Rubik's Cube1 cube stand1 lube injector with lube1 mini screwdriver6 metal...
  • Rubik's Tactile Cube

    Rubik's Cube has been enhanced with embossed shapes! By adding shapes to the colored sides of the cube, the Rubik's Tactile Cube is playable (and solvable!) with your eyes closed! ...
  • Rubiks 5X5

    This is the absolute ultimate in the world of Rubiks Puzzles and a must-have for all fans. Everybody loves the 3 x 3 and the 4 x 4, so it...
  • Rubiks 4X4

    Rubiks 4 x 4 requires different moves to solve it than the original 3 x 3 cube, and it's more challenging! Ages: 8 and up.  Packaging may vary.
  • Finderfox

    Felix Finderfox and his friends are playing hide and seek! But who is hiding behind which bush? The friends can be found by using strong memory skills and by having...
  • 13 Dead End Drive

    13 Dead End Drive first hit the scene in 1994. Now this fan favorite is back, by popular demand, to entertain a whole new generation. Your goal is to be...
  • Curse of Misfortune Lane

    Every Friday the 13th, an ancient curse unleashes a horrible monster on the helpless citizens of Misfortune Lane. The adults hide indoors clutching lucky trinkets while their weapons gather dust....
  • My First Castle Panic

    A group of monsters is racing out of the woods and coming right at your Castle! Players need to catch all the monsters before they smash the Castle flat. Send...
  • Challenge of the Superfriends

    The Superfriends have gathered at the Hall of Justice to take on the challenge of thirteen of the most sinister villains of all time. Play your cards right and you'll...
  • Jurassic Park Danger Game

    The first visitors have arrived at Jurassic Park™ to see its miraculous dinosaurs firsthand. But chaos has hit Isla Nublar— the power is out, and the prehistoric creatures are on...
  • Scrabble: World of Harry Potter

    An enchanting twist on the traditional word game, this World of Harry Potter edition of Scrabble puts your knowledge of the Wizarding World to the test. Strategically play both regular...
  • Honga

    The saber-toothed tiger clan is looking for a new leader!Only the caveman who collects the most supplies, barters successfully and pays homage to the old nature gods, will never prove...
  • D&D 5th Edition: Stranger Things Starter Set

    The Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set contains everything players need to embark on a Stranger Things adventure including the essential rules of the roleplaying game. It's a great...
  • The Color Monster

    The monster is confused. He doesn’t understand his feelings. Luckily, his friend, a little girl, can teach him how to sort out how he feels! This is a children‘s game...
  • Spot It! - 123

    Award-winning game of visual perception for the whole family. Between any two cards there is always one and only one matching symbol. Spot it fast to win.
  • Spot It! Waterproof (Beach)

    Make a splash with Spot It! Waterproof! Like the other Spot It! games, Waterproof will come with a variety of unique pool and beach themed symbols for you to identify...
  • Zoinx!

    Score points by meeting or exceeding the number of dots you predicted that you would roll on your turn. At the sametime, bet on the number of dots opponents will...
  • Hive Mind

    Up in a hive in that tree over yonder, The Queen Bee has a decision to ponder. Winter is coming, and the hive is congested to decide who can stay,...
  • Animal Upon Animal

    Stack up the fun with Animal Upon Animal from HABA! One of HABA's most popular games, this game is a winner of the Major Fun! Award and recipient of the...
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