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Necromunda: Goliath Stimmers & Forgeborn

Releases 2/22/20 Goliath Stimmers & Forge-Born (300-62)  New gangers to add to your Necromunda gang Contains 6 multipart plastic Citadel Miniatures– 2 Goliath Stimmers– 4 Goliath Forge-Born (2 male and...

Necromunda: Zone Mortalis Floor Tile Set

PREORDERS 11/9 - 11/10 RELEASES 11/16 These highly detailed pieces of terrain allow you to build your very own dark and gritty corner of the Necromundan Underhive. They can be...

Necromunda Ambot Automata

The Luthor pattern Excavation Automata is a heavy construct built in imitation of the Ambull, a huge, roughly humanoid xenos creature common to hot, arid worlds. These automata are commonly...

Necromunda Dice Set

PREORDERS 11/9 - 11/10 RELEASES 11/16 This set contains all of the dice you need to play Necromunda, in a flame colour scheme with black markings.Contents:- 3 Necromunda Injury dice-...

Necromunda: Zone Mortalis Scenic Bases

PREORDERS 11/9 - 11/10 RELEASES 11/16 With this set of 35 plastic bases you can make it look like your gangs are fighting within the confines of the deadly Zone...

Necromunda: The Book of Ruin

PREORDERS 11/9 - 11/10 RELEASES 11/16 Rebellion is a poison that runs deep within Necromunda. Each time it bubbles to the surface, industries wither and populations perish, corrupted by false...

Necromunda: Dark Uprising

PREORDERS 11/09 - 11/10 RELEASES 11/16 Like countless other worlds of the Imperium, Necromunda suffers from the curse of insurrection. Even though the Enforcers stamp out rebellion wherever they find...

Necromunda: Underhive

Deep below the nightmarish, polluted hive cities of Necromunda, in the twisted, dark tunnels of the Underhives, rival gangs fight to the bitter end for personal power, survival and the...

Necromunda: Van Saar Gang

House Van Saar is the technological powerhouse of Necromunda, its artisans and armourers creating the finest weapons and wargear of all the clans. Their staggering power, however, is built around...

Necromunda: Escher Gang

House Escher is unique among the great Houses of Necromunda, for its gangs are made up entirely of women. Masters of pharmaceuticals and chemical manipulation, what an Escher may lack...
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