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  • Invisible Sun: The Threshold

    The vislae’s road has many steps. Shadow. Satyrine. The Path of Suns and the worlds of the Actuality. But are there even greater mysteries? Further steps? Deeper secrets to reality?Yes....
  • Numenera: Voices of the Datasphere

    Most Ninth Worlders know the datasphere only as the source of mysterious glimmers—those odd, unbidden flashes of knowledge and insight that, rarely, embed themselves within the mind. Some who study...
  • Invisible Sun: The Nightside

    You don’t have to be evil to own this book. But it helps.Some say the Nightside is evil, but that’s a misunderstanding. Or at least an oversimplification. It is dark,...
  • Invisible Sun: Enchiridion of the Path

    Wise vislae, have you studied the realms beneath the suns? Have you planned your route along the Path, researched the wonders and dangers you will find, and prepared your parlays...
  • No Thank You Evil: Its Raining Cats & Dinosaurs

    Flower Power, Oh No! Snow!, Doom and Gloom Steal the Moon!, and the epynomous It’s Raining Cats and Dinosaurs:Four complete new adventures for No Thank You, Evil! that take you on...
  • Invisible Sun: Vislae Kit

    PREORDER ITEM - RELEASE DATE TBA. The core Invisible Sun game (the black cube) contains everything a full gaming group needs to play a complete campaign, including all the materials...
  • Numenera: Explorer Keys - Ten Instant Adventures

    Prepping for an RPG doesn’t have to be any more difficult or time consuming than setting up a board game. The innovative Instant Adventure format has GMs up and running...
  • Your Best Game Ever: GM Notebook

    The GM Notebook provides space to record all the pertinent details about the setting, with notes on the PCs, NPCs, and creatures, as well as adventures that the GM plans,...
  • Your Best Game Ever

    We’ve all had them: games where the party clicked perfectly. Climactic moments when everything came together amazingly. Favorite characters everyone loved. Sessions and campaigns that became the stuff of legends—moments...
  • Your Best Game Ever: Player Notebook

    The Player Notebook provides room to keep track of character background information along with notes about NPCs, important places, and other campaign info. It’s even be set up to handle...
  • Numenera RPG Dice Set

    Numenera RPG Dice Set is the official dice set for Monte Cook Games' Numenera RPG system, featuring 1x D6, 1x D10, 1x D100 (percentile) and 1x D20 in a box....
  • Numenera: Ninth World Bestiary 3

    For a billion years this Earth has teemed with life. Nature has crafted innumerable species—and thousands more have been shaped by the prior worlds. There is no end, it seems,...
  • Invisible Sun: Teratology

    The famed trailblazer Taramoc Eslin gathered information from throughout the worlds and half-worlds to bring you this: Not just another bestiary, but the bestiary. The Teratology. The greatest resource on...
  • Invisible Sun: Book M

    So secret even its name is a mystery.Some say the name comes from the Sodality of Vryn, which identifies thirteen currents of magic and gives each a letter designation—M is...
  • Numenera Priests of the Aeons

    Calaval’s Parable of the Spider holds this lesson: We can no more comprehend the remnants of the prior worlds than a spider can comprehend the cathedral in which it happens...
  • Numenera RPG: Character Sheets

    64 double-sided, full color character sheetsApproximate Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" x 0.25"
  • Numenera Slaves of the Machine God

    A failed assassination of the Amber Pope. An ancient army awaiting activation. Sixteen adventures in two exciting campaigns to interweave, run separately, or use as standalone adventures.An automaton army led...
  • Numenera RPG: Discovery

    They say there have been eight worlds before ours. Eight times the people of this Earth, over vast millennia, built their civilizations. They reached heights we cannot even imagine now:...
  • Numenera Player's Guide

    Strong, Fierce Glaives. Reality-Bending Nanos. Jacks of All Trades.The characters of the Numenera RPG are varied and intriguing—and there are so many options! Even after you choose to be a...
  • Numenera RPG: Destiny

    For countless millennia the great civilizations of the prior worlds ruled this Earth. They built cities and machines of unimaginable grandeur and scale. They reshaped the very earth, and cast...
  • The Strange RPG: Core Rulebook

    The Strange is a game that crosses multiple worlds, called recursions, which player characters can explore and defend. In The Strange, your characters change with each world they travel to,...
  • Invisible Sun: Secrets of Silent Streets

    Like any metropolis in any realm, Satyrine isn’t one city but many. Fartown, the Marquis Quarter, the Strangeglass District, the Hollows, and the vast abandoned stretches—all offer different experiences and...
  • Numenera RPG: Core Rules

    Set in a far, far distant future, Numenera gives fantasy a unique spin, creating something new and distinctive to reinvigorate the imagination of gamers everywhere. The Numenera corebook is the...
  • Numenera RPG: Starter Set

    The perfect intro to the Ninth World and the Numenera RPG, the Numenera Starter Set has everything needed to play your first few sessions - at a price that makes...
  • No Thank You, Evil! Uh-Oh, Monsters!

    Storia is a land filled with adventure—and adventures tend to be filled with monsters! Uh-oh, Monsters! gives you three complete adventures for your No Thank You, Evil! game, plus loads...
  • No Thank You, Evil!

    Make-believe, adventure, and storytelling-for the whole family! Explore Dragonsnot Falls, Castle Karaoke, Muttropolis, or the Dark Park and use your character's special skills, companions, and equipment to overcome obstacles (like...
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