Numenera RPG Edge of the Sun

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The greatest work of the prior worlds: the Engine of the Gods!

Few who dwell on the Ninth World even know of the greatest achievement of the ancients, for it rests—imperceptibly, despite its vast size—on the very edge of the Sun itself. What horrific danger—what incredible threat, to the Sun and our world—compelled them to such an audacious creation? Has that threat been ended? Or do the beings that dwell upon the Engine (for yes, it is home to many strange creatures) struggle now in vain, unaware that their mission no longer protects them—or us—from cataclysm on a scale that dwarfs even the audacity of the prior worlds’ most staggering work?

A massive new location for Numenera players to explore. Many areas are highly detailed, plus a mapping engine makes it easy to generate additional adventures on this continent-sized ruin.
New cyphers, artifacts, and creatures, plus augmechs—machines that can be virtually piloted anywhere—make this an appealing book for all Numenera and Cypher System players.
Includes multiple adventures.
New licensed games, and the forthcoming Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire, are drawing increasing attention to Numenera and the Cypher System.
5e players who have enjoyed Arcana of the Ancients will find this intriguing, and the spectacular cover art will make this a book your customers pick up and flip through—drawing interest to the entire Numenera line.

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