Orders placed with a mix of available and preorder items will be held until preorders are available to ship.

All preorders require payment in full at the time the preorder is placed.  Changes and cancellations to preorders prior to shipment will result in a refund being issued.  We reserve the right to cancel preorders at any time for any reason and are under no obligation to obtain permission or acknowledgement from a customer prior to cancellation.

We reserve the right to change any pricing, including preorder pricing, at any time.  We do not guarantee preorder pricing. Customers will be notified of any and all price changes impacting their order total.  We reserve the right to cancel any preorder and refund the customer for the amount paid.

Retrofix Games uses multiple vendors in order to receive product in a timely manner, and we do our best to fulfill every preorder placed with us  Due to outages, shipping delays, product shortages, and other factors beyond our control, cancellations can occur.  Manufacturers may change release dates and quantities released, and distribution may not be able to ship all quantities ordered, or there may be delays due to weather, acts of god, and other causes.

A preorder is no guarantee of sale or that product will be shipped. We do our best to ship all preorders, but cancellations can happen.

Partial shipments or allocations may occur.  In the event this does happen, we ship preorders in the order they were placed, from oldest to newest.

If you have questions or concerns regarding a preorder or this preorder policy, please contact us.