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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Venom Character Pack

FOR USE WITH THE MARVEL: CRISIS PROTOCOL BASE GAME When disgraced reporter Eddie Brock bonded with an unearthly symbiote, the pair came together to form the terrifying antihero Venom.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Set

Save the world or conquer it with Crisis Protocol, a tactical hobby game set in the Marvel Universe! Assemble your team from across the Marvel Universe and lead your superpowered...

Dungeon Essentials: From The Pages Of Hellboy - Dungeon Dead

Rising from the pages of Mike Mignola's Hellboy, these undead warriors will prove a challenge to any adventurer or tomb robber.Contents:• 10 PVC Undead

Dungeon Essentials: From The Pages Of Hellboy - Dungeon Creatures

From the pages of Mike Mignola's Hellboy, this bewildering array of foul creatures could be found lurking in the dungeons and crypts of any world.Contents:• 12 PVC Beasts

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Shuri and Okoye Character Pack

FOR USE WITH THE MARVEL: CRISIS PROTOCOL BASE GAME Shuri sister to TChalla, the Black Panther has proven herself a hero through her innate genius and fierce dedication to her...

Pacific Rim Extinction: Starter Set

Bring the apocalyptic scale of Pacific Rim to the table top in Pacific Rim: Extinction and choose your side in this new miniatures game.Pit fantastically detailed 85mm tall Jaeger and...

Battletech Technical Readout: Clan Invasion

Technical Readout: Clan Invasion builds on Technical Readout: Succession Wars with ‘Mechs previously found in Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade, Technical Readout: 3055 Upgrade, Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade, Technical Readout: 3060,...

Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles - Starter Set

After 4,571 days, the Cylon War ended with a sudden armistice. Peace lasted 40 years. But now the Cylons are back, as fierce and combative as ever. They want to...

Battletech Beginner Box

DEPLOYMENT IN THREE…TWO…ONE…The commline abuzz with pre-battle orders.The pounding rhythm of a metal titan on the prowl.The shifting glow of your BattleMech’s controls spread before you.Then the abrupt tone-lock of...

Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat

It is the dawn of the thirty-first century. You are a MechWarrior: master of a multi-ton, towering avatar of destruction that is the culmination of more than 3,000 years of...
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