Numenera RPG Ninth World Guidebook

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The Ninth World has grabbed gamers’ imaginations and won’t let go! Now the Ninth World Guidebook takes your Numenera players into uncharted territory, literally expanding the setting beyond the borders of the corebook’s maps. This 256-page tome—more than half again the size of previous Numenera hardcover supplements— explores lands hinted at in previous books, opens new territories, and adds detail to those already discussed. From the frozen lands beyond the Southern Wall, to the volcanic desert of Vralk and the weird, faroff realm of Corao, the Ninth World offers Numenera fans adventure hooks, new creatures, new character options, and the incredible level of detail, imagination, and weirdness they love about Numenera!

•The first supplement to reach beyond the territory covered in the Numenera corebook—fans are dying to see what lies beyond the edges of the map!
•A hefty, 256-page hardcover that will be an evergreen title alongside the corebook.

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