Numenera RPG Into the Outside

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The Ninth World is littered with doorways to the other dimensions. What lies beyond? Enter the Grinder of Infinities, explore the Whispering World, take a ride on a Silent Nyek”or enter mysterious Reeval, the source of the notorious Nibovian creatures that have mystified players since the Numenera corebook was first published. And even if your campaign never leaves the Ninth World, encounter creatures, NPCs, cyphers and more marooned in our universe from somewhere . . . outside. Into the Outside continues the exploration of the Numenera universe begun in the hit title Into the Night. You'll find it loaded with the weird and fascinating science-fantasy sensibilities that set Numenera apart from any other roleplaying game!

•Plenty of detailed encounters and adventure seeds to keep your Numenera fans playing”and fans who play are fans who keep coming back to your store for more Numenera!
•The first new Numenera tabletop title following the launch of the Torment: Tides of Numenera PC/console game.
•Loads of new creatures, cyphers, and artifacts for any Numenera campaign.
•Do you have Cypher Play: Numenera organized play in your store? Your players are going to want this title!

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