Numenera RPG Jade Colossus

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Mysterious, powerful, and usually dangerous, the vast ruins of the prior worlds are the defining feature of the Numenera setting. The secrets and wonders they contain are a siren call to characters from across the Ninth World and to GMs and gamers drawn in by Numenera's unique sense of mystery and spectacle. Jade Colossus: Ruins of the Prior Worlds explores in detail one such ruin, and provides in-depth content for creating endless weird and wonderful sites of your own invention. Run an entire campaign around the Jade Colossus, use the site for one or a handful of adventures in your existing campaign, or use this book to create dozens of other prior world sites, building an amazing campaign filled with imagination and wonder unlike any other RPG.

•If you have players getting into Numenera via the Numenera Starter Set, Cypher Play organized play program, or Torment: Tides of Numenera, this is a great product for them to launch new campaigns!
•A great launching point for a brand-new campaign, with content tailored for characters and parties starting at the Jade Colossus.
•The Numenera Ruin Mapping Engine makes it easy to create an infinite array of prior world sites ripe for adventure with all the mystery and weirdness of the Ninth World baked right in!
•Or easily integrate the ruins, and the fully realized nearby city of Ballarad, into an ongoing campaign.

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