51st State Ultimate Edition

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The legendary card game by Ignacy Trzewiczek returns in a special Ultimate Edition. The base game and six expansions in one box! 51st State is a card game for advanced players, where the goal is to develop one of the factions in the post-apocalyptic universe of Neuroshima. Use your resources to build new locations, make agreements with neighbors, and don’t hesitate to attack when the opportunity arises. And most importantly, build an efficient engine that will allow you to turn every action into victory points.

Ages 14+
1-4 players
60-90 minute playtime

100 51st State Base Cards
50 New Era Cards
50 Winter Cards
50 Scavengers Cards
50 Allies Cards
50 Moloch Cards
50 No Man’s Land Cards
38+ Worker Pieces
30+ Gun Pieces
30+ Fuel Pieces
30+ Iron Pieces
30+ Brick Pieces
150+ Tokens
4 Faction Boards
1 Victory Point Track
1 Custom Plastic First Player Token
1 Combined Rulebook for the Game and all Expansions

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