5E Arcanis: Children of the Sky

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Isolated in the far off and exotic region known as the Western Lands, the kio are an inscrutable race, their complex and strange culture bewildering many. Now the veil is lifted on their rich and wondrous culture as the Children of the Sky‘s secrets are exposed. From their byzantine political system, and their complex, but sophisticated dueling code, to the secrets of their progenitors, the truly alien pure blood kio, delve into their history and culture as never before.

Within these pages you’ll: Uncover the history of the kio; Delve into their rich culture; Learn of the Kio Houses and the three different branches of the val’Sungha family; New Backgrounds; New Subclasses; New Feats; val’Sungha Bloodline Talents; New Combat Schools …And much more!

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