Alien RPG Building Better Worlds

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Building Better Worlds is a complete campaign module for the award-winning official ALIEN roleplaying game, giving you all the tool you need to run a full open-world campaign as a pioneering explorer or colonist.

This book includes:
History of Colonization - the story of humanity's reach for the stars.
Creating Explorers & Colonists - expanded character creation rules for life on the frontier.
Gear & Ships - an extensive chapter with the new gear and spaceships, gloriously illustrated.
Extrasolar Species Catalog - new Xenomorphic creatures to encounter.
The Lost Worlds - the framework and backstory or a frontier campaign.
Expeditions - six thrilling expeditions into uncharted space, playable in any order.
The Endgame - the final showdown with everything at stake.
The Appendix - create your own frontier and colonize it.

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