AMF Bowling Pinbusters (NDS)

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Go bowling without a lane with AMF Bowling Pinbusters for Nintendo DS. From hot streaks of strikes to failed gutter balls, this bowling adventure turns an ordinary game of aim and strategy into a party on the lanes. Mirrored balls, hot neon lights and strobe effects create an atmosphere that's so much fun, you won't care about the score. Assume the persona of one of 12 unique characters and let the good times roll. Play as a laid-back surfer, a tough drill sergeant, a punk rock girl, a happy-go-lucky cowgirl, a slick rapper or another one-of-a-kind character. Then pick up your stylus and get started on the first frame. Your actions will simulate a real match on the lanes for an authentic bowling experience. For a change of pace, try one of the thrilling mini games, such as Obstacles or Pool Bowl. Hone your skills on your own or take on up to three challengers. Either way, you won't have to worry about shoe rentals - just turn on your DS and enjoy a bowling extravaganza anytime.

13 colorful locations all in fantastic 3D 4 single-player modes including World Cup Precision Duckpins or Practice

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