And 1 Streetball [Special Edition] (XB)

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AND 1 Streetball with Soundtrack lets you put on the shoes of real streetball players. None of that fancy NBA stuff goes down on the streets - no dunks from half-court, no 360s with flips in the air. You earn respect by going strong to the rack & banging on fools, no matter how many try to stop you. Bring crowds to their feet by dropping shiny no-look dimes to your teammates. Show off your own original moves and signature style on the world's toughest courts -- and get your name mentioned along with the best streetball players in the world. Play the game you want to play - Run a full-court game, or do a half-court battle; Scale your teams anywhere between 1-on-1 to 5-on-5 Put your skills to the test against other top players as you showcase your own creative moves and strive to gain a reputation as the best Just like the AND 1 Mix Tapes, the music soundtrack features a loaded library of unreleased hip-hop songs

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