Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer (3DS)

Sale price$24.99


All of your favorite Animal Crossing villagers are looking for new homes, and you’re the designer! Use your creativity to design the perfect houses—inside and out—for old friends (and make new ones too). Then, tap amiibo cards* of special characters to call in animals that would otherwise not show up in your game with requests.

Join the Nook’s Homes team, alongside Lyle, Digby, and newcomer Lottie and interact with over 300 villagers from the Animal Crossing series in a whole new way by designing their yards and homes! The more you help, the more your item catalog will grow. Tap an amiibo card to call a specific character into your game! Isabelle will also bring you design requests for public facilities (like a school and a hospital), so you can help build up Main Street as the town grows.

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