Army Men Air Combat [Gray Cart] (N64)

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Take on the Tan Menace from above this time in Army Men: Air Combat. Similar to previous installments in this series, you're a soldier for the Air Cavalry, following orders in mission-style play against an army of men formed of tan plastic. You'll be called to rescue POWs, extract wounded allies, sabotage enemy plans, and much more. Conveyances in this game--Chinook, Apache, Huey, and Super Stallion helicopters--are each charged with unique weaponry (and because they're only plastic, you'll never have to worry about fuel).

Most of the engagements in Army Men: Air Combat take place on the same disputed territories these forces have clashed over for decades: back yards and beach playgrounds. Because these tiny troops are fighting on such a small scale, their tactics often include household items, such as surface-to-air bottle rockets and cherry-bomb warheads. Even a properly dropped chicken drumstick will attract hostile ants to the Tan stronghold. Fans of the series will enjoy the interaction in this game with characters from Army Men: Sarge's Heroes. You can add a friend for the two-player cooperative mode or make it greens versus tans in the game's four-player simultaneous competitive mode.

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