Astro Aqua Kitty Pawsom Collection (SWI LR)

Sale price$49.99


Astro Aqua Kitty Pawsome Collection is on a region-free physical cart for the Nintendo Switch.

Genre: Action, Role-Playing, Arcade

# of Players: 1 Player

Language:  British English, American English


The Aqua Kitty cats have launched into space in an all new action RPG shoot-em-up adventure!

Pick your crew, then blast off to investigate mysterious water filled asteroids.

Battle bizarre enemies, mine magnificent gems, grab new weapons, install enhancing devices, and unlock your crews' unique skills as you level up XP.

Just watch out for marauding pirate rabbits, always trying to be first to the loot!


You and your team of milk mining kittens have overcome a fear of water to drill down under the ocean seabed and begin extracting vast reserves of what seems to be naturally forming full-fat milk.

Get ready for fast paced submarine action, defending the kittens from disruptive mechanical sea creatures.

The additional Dreadnought mode takes you deep down into the Meowiana trench. There you must fly through and destroy huge multi-screen enemy craft, whilst rescuing imprisoned kittens.

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