Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2 (XB)

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Darkness gathers yet again in the sprawling port city of Baldur's Gate. Bloodthirsty bandits stalk the trade roads, a secret society of heartless assassins dominate the criminal underworld abducting citizens on moonless nights dragging them screaming into the darkness. The city's most recent saviors vanished along with the Onyx Tower, and so, in heroic tradition, adventurers throughout the Western Heartlands make the journey to Baldur's Gate to meet their great and unknown fate.

Embark on a new adventure in Baldur's Gate and brave terrible dangers in search of fortune, glory, and power. Face a multitude of sinister enemies while traveling through many spectacular environments in this action-packed fantasy game. Rid the lands of chaos, mastering skills, spells, and deadly weapons… the fate of thousands hangs in the balance.

  • Five Customizable characters each with distinct powers, appearances & abilities that develop throughout the game
  • Over 40 fast paced hack n’ slash levels to explore spread over 4 Acts
  • Hidden areas, secret characters & hundreds of items to discover, customize & use
  • Single and two-player cooperative mode

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