Castles & Crusades Adventurers Spellbook

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The heart and soul of the magic system in Castles & Crusades are the spells. And now, for the first time we have gathered the spells or C&C into one place. From a wide variety of sources, we have compiled them all in one place. They come from the Players Handbook, Adventurers Backpack, Players Guide to Aihrde, Amazing Adventures, Hallowed Oracle Players Guide & Elemental Spells! A mountainous collection for all the spellcasters. You will also find a complete collection of all the Codices of Rune Spells within these pages, from the Shadow Runes to the Four Pillars. They are all here. Over 200 new spells for your Rune Mark and Castles & Crusades game! It also includes the tables and information on the oft discussed but hard to find Chromatic Mage!

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