Castles & Crusades NPC Almanac The Register

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Every game has them: hosts of unnamed, faceless, personality-lacking entities that mock both players and CKs with their amorphous shapes. Essential parts of any role playing game, the NPC is often the most overlooked. With the NPC Almanac Register, that problem becomes a thing of the past. Here is a veritable rogues gallery of NPCs! The Register consists of a series of tables for scores of NPCs, both class based and hirelings, or adherents. These NPC entries include all the info you need to place the NPC in your game and begin play. They contain name, sex, appearance, personality, hook, alignment, level, BtH, HP, AC, Primary Attributes, Secondary Attributes, armor, weapons, and special info. With over 1,200 NPCs presented, it is the perfect resource for your role playing game! The Register is the companion piece to the NPC Almanac Sketches.

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