Chakan (GEN)

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Chakan was once the mightiest warrior the world had ever known. No one was a match for his twin steel blades and he knew it. This pride would even make him challenge Death himself to a duel: should Chakan win, he would be granted eternal life; if he lost, well, let's just say he would suffer an eternity of pain.  With one quick swipe that surprised both fighters, Chakan's sword cleanly found its target. So Death kept his bargain and granted Chakan eternal life...with one small catch. Now the once proud warrior must roam the underworld searching for hideous beasts to slay until every last one is vanquished. Only then will Chakan be able to find comfort in eternal sleep. 

Chakan: The Forever Man is based on the comic book series created by Robert Kraus. The game will have you playing the title character as you seek out the undead in four portals of the supernatural: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Each portal will have several creatures to eliminate until you eventually confront the large boss character of the realm.

While Chakan always carries his dual blades, he can find the following weapons to assist him: battering mallet, scythe, battle axe, and a grappling hook to swing over pits or climb walls. Chakan can also perform various magical attacks by gathering certain potions.  Once you have the correct combination of potions, you'll be able to cast one of twelve different spells to help you defeat your enemies. Don't take too long fighting the undead -- you must clear each portal before the hourglass empties!

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