Cockroach Poker

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Cockroach Poker is a game for winners!   It is hilarious, quick, and an inexpensive card game. Cockroach Poker is a reverse set collection game that has nothing to do with poker except that the game is all about bluffing.  It has a 64 card deck that shows cockroaches, rats and stink bugs instead of queens, 10s and aces. The goal of the game is to force another player to collect 4 of any one type of critter. 

The game ends when a player has no cards to pass on his turn or when a player has four cards of the same critter on the table in front of him. In either case, this player loses and everyone else wins! 

  • Family Friendly 
  • Bluffing
  • Set Collection
  • Party Game
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Inexpensive
  • Small - put it in your pocket and take to play!
  • Number of players : 2 - 6
  • Playing time : 20 Minutes
  • Recommended ages : 8 +

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