Core Space Deluxe Rulebook

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This deluxe, 176-page hardback rulebook contains everything you need to play Core Space in one place. It is a companion product to the Starter Set and other associated products, expanding the game with advanced rules, background and customisation.

• Core Rules - A comprehensive guide to the components and rules needed to play the game.
• NPCs - Full rules for the AI-controlled Galactic Corps, Security, Criminal Gangers and Civilians.
• Missions - Objectives, maps, difficulty settings, and everything you need to create your own stories.
• Campaigns - Turn your games into one continuous story with rules for Extraction, Advancement and Trading.
• The Perseus Arm Campaign - 10 narrative missions in which the crews of the Ion Hope and Black Maria must stop a Purge invasion.
• Advanced Rules - Plenty of exciting new ways to add a twist to your games, with a Game Master, new terrain, Trader injuries, and lots more!
• Character Creation - Detailed rules for designing your own Traders, Classes, NPCs and even new enemies!
• The Core Space Universe - The background and history of the characters, locations, and the deadly threat of the Purge.
• Behind the Scenes - An insight into the making of Core Space.

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