Covert Ops Nuclear Dawn (PS1)

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In Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn, you're a lone NATO soldier sent in to take down a hijacked train on its way from St. Petersburg to deliver a terrorist nuclear bomb to the heart of Paris. Also on board is a kidnapped ambassador, whom you must save. Will you be able to save both the ambassador and Paris? Since the game has a number of possible endings based on your actions, it's entirely up to you. You'll have to engage in combat along several sections of the 19-car train, including the cars' icy roofs. You'll also have to evade high-tech traps and search computers, desks, and the clothing of dead bodies for clues to the location of the terrorists' stronghold. While you're searching for clues, be sure to pick up any of the assault rifles, grenade launchers, or other high-power weaponry you come across--you'll need it for many of the tasks ahead, such as bringing down enemy helicopters. Complete minigames and solve puzzles inside the train to view prerendered scenes that advance the story and bring you closer to mission success.

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