Crusader Kings III 3 (XSX)

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Knights, peasant revolts, pilgrimage rides, Viking robbers... experience the drama and glorious of the medieval ages! Crusader Kings III is the throne follower that complies with the historical heritage of global strategy games, with many new options to ensure the success of your royal house.

Choose from a map that extends from Iceland to India and from the northern polar circle to Central Africa, from several kingdoms to a royal or noble house. Live through several centuries with a dynasty and ensure the safety and power of every new generation. Conquer new territories and titles to conquer your legacy. Be a pious king to get the support of religious factions, or get rid of your own fist and start your own splinter religion.

Choose one of five different lifestyles to perfect your military strategy or the management of your kingdom. Get character characteristics that determine how you are acting. Choose the right guardian for your heritage or train them yourself. Cruel characters can develop a bad reputation over time. When you teach them fear, your subjects will be more obedient.

Recruit warriors and powerful knights to compliment your royal duties. Explore new technologies to increase the wealth and military power of your kingdom. Complement your income with prisoner solvent or sending assault commands to neighbouring countries.

Use your master spy to reveal complements against your dynasty and regenty. Recruit agents to sabotate or murder everyone that could argue for you. Seduce other characters for love or political reasons. Collect information to extress others or request favours when your plans need support from other side.

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