Dad Joke Face-Off After Dark

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Dad Joke Face-Off After Dark is a “not-safe-for-work” follow up to the popular game, Dad Joke Face-Off!

In Dad Joke Face-Off After Dark, players sit face-to-face and take turns telling jokes. Read a Dad Joke off of your card and do so WITHOUT SMILING OR LAUGHING, while trying to get your opponent to crack. Sounds pretty simple? Don’t take our word for it, get your friends together for a grown-up game night and see who laughs… or doesn’t laugh the most!

Continue to face off with other opponents to see who has the best (or worst) sense of humor with the (kinda dirty) game you can't help but laugh at!

2-6 players
Ages 17+
20 minute play time

450 Dad Jokes on 150 Cards
30 Icons of Debauchery Tokens
6 NSFW Stamp Tokens
Rules Sheet

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