Dead to Rights (XB)

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Inspired by Hong Kong action movies, classic film noir style and hardboiled detective novels, Dead To Rights stars action noir hero, Jack Slate, a good cop in a bad city. He is forced to be a fugitive as he fights for his life and searches for his father's killers. The game features more than a dozen game mechanics including diving, rolling, punching, kicking, and lethally disarming enemies. Jack's canine partner (a Husky named Shadow) lives up to the name "man's best friend," helping Jack investigate crime scenes, sniff out bombs, retrieve weapons and attack enemies. Unique gameplay scenarios, mini games and stop motion special effects add to the action. The twisting plot, seedy citizens of Grant City and high-adrenaline action will leave you wanting more. Dead To Rights delivers an intense experience with great depth and detail that can't be defined within existing game genres.

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